CC embodies everyday occurrences encountered when motoring, such as congestion, family, frustration, confusion, vacation, construction, emergency, cell phone, progress, automotive technology, kids’ commentary, humor, car pooling, police interaction, telecommuting, signage, safety, weather, current events, and times passé.  The strip captures the motorist market, reaching the soul of almost all individuals; virtually everyone drives, partakes as passenger, or is involved with the ever dynamic world of motor travel.

With CC, our debut' into today's cyber world doesn't forget fond recollections of travel from the twentieth century. Add to this the generation gap between kids and baby-boomers; technological challenges; and hurdles to society's propensity toward progress, all adding to the strip's humor. These aspects are addressed using spoof, satire, comity, charm, and unexpectedness. We are in an international world now, so CC integrates a demographic cross section of national heritage, age, and social circumstance for all to enjoy, giving it a unique signature.

The creator of CC, Tim Gnazale, is author, high-tech marketing professional, and former national fitness educator. Tim has traveled many portions of the globe in his professions, but marks himself as a 35-year commuting survivor of “Silicon Valley,” California.  He is author of five books, and has several articles published in technology and fitness trade magazines. He has joined forces with a team of artists, dedicated to securing CC as a widely read feature strip across the nation.
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