Commuters Corner  Features Strip Released

Tim Gnazale
For Immediate Release:

     April 1, 2016: The new features strip “Commuters Corner  ” (CC) was released today, following its groundbreaking effort in 2015. The brand is the first of its kind and captures formidable aspects of the motorist marketplace as employ for humor.
  An extensive collection of episodes targets an almost inexhaustible reader base – today’s automotive drivers and passengers. Given the dynamic sector of more than 200 billion US miles traveled annually (National Agency of Transportation and Statistics), Commuters Corner provides humorous acknowledgement to the experiences motorists and passengers frequently encounter. Categories include work commute,  vacation travel,  general transporting,  generation differences,  automotive technology, political aspects, and variety of roadside encounters. The strip appeals to all ages, demographics and US geographical areas.
     The anticipated web launch marked CC's entry into today's pervasive entertainment channel for comic features. Tim Gnazale, owner and creator of CC, announced: "Importantly, Commuters Corner breaks ground for a huge recipient base, consisting of several million automotive commuters and passengers. Amazingly, the commuting sector has not yet been targeted by today’s feature strips. The strip is also unique in that it does not have one set of characters, but a cross section of people with different demographics and is the real world." Distribution channels, by way of print and web-based venues, will primarily target the internet, automotive insurance companies, supply stores, dealerships, and comic syndicates.
     Just as the "Dilbert" comic enterprise harnessed the tech/business environment, CC embodies the automotive commuting marketplace. Virtually everybody drives, partakes as passenger, or is involved with the dynamic world of motor travel, thus paving way for the strip's appeal. The episodes have been expanded to embody a breadth of experiences when motoring, including: family, congestion, frustration, confusion, vacation, construction, cell phone, emergency, progress, automotive technology, kids’ commentary, car pooling, police interaction, telecommuting, baby-boomers, signage, safety, dating, weather, current events, and times passé.
     As a high-technology marketing professional and former national fitness educator, Tim has traveled many portions of the globe, including 30+ years of commuting in “Silicon Valley” California. He is author of five books, with published articles in technology and fitness magazines.
     Episodes are predominantly two frames in length, ranging from today’s cyber world, to recollections of travel from the 20th century. CC is comprised of spoof, satire, comity, and unexpectedness that is entertaining and real to life. Gnazale's demographic cross section gives the strip a diverse signature for humor.  features a multitude of episodes, automotive tip of the week, and a visitors' blog.
     The site also accommodates an attractive advertisement channel, primarily targeted at automotive related companies. Gnazale has implemented a novel strategy, which features free initial advertising promotion, and rates reduced as much as 80% over industry standard.
     A glimpse into Gnazale's second features strip "Krash Kat" is also available from


     Commuters Corner and Krash Kat feature strips are wholly owned by Tim Gnazale and are registered with the Library of Congress. The business is stationed in California's San Francisco bay area.

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